November 2017 Case Study: Martin De Havilland – Braille Material Manufacturer

Having had 11 years of experience working in the Aviation industry and spotting a gap in the market where Braille materials weren’t actively embraced, coupled with recent legislation changes enforcing public-facing organisations to adopt alternative format materials, a niche in the market was found and Martin decided to spring into action.

Contacting the Cheshire West and Chester Start up Programme, Martin was supported to formalise his cash flow predictions as well as putting together his business plan. Through a series of meetings his dedicated Business Advisor assisted with a series of business related uncertainties ranging from the legal set up of his business through to how to price his services effectively to operate profitably as a business.

He was also assisted to put together an application for the local Business Start-up Grant which has now been approved.

The sky is now the limit for Martin as he actively targets airports and airlines (to produce on board flight safety cards, in flight magazines, menus etc.), local authorities (to produce information leaflets and voting cards for elections), online and high street greetings cards companies (to produce bespoke greetings cards).

New Business owner Martin says:

“When working for yourself, especially trying to sell a pioneering product to some big players, you can become disillusioned. It’s easy to feel that it’s all falling down about your ears. Having that support and encouragement is essential. Knowing that you are doing the right thing spurs you to push that little further toward your goal. Carole has been that spur, that invaluable mentor.

“Yet to receive any remittance from clients, financial support alongside general business advice is just as valued. My Business Advisor helped lodge an application for a grant from Cheshire West and Chester council which has been a massive boost to my new business”

Martin goes on to say:

“The support and encouragement I have received from Cheshire West and Chester Start-up has been exceptional – my greatest thanks has to go to Carole Shepphard. The input from Carole has been invaluable.”