Jacob Bagley – Personal Fitness Trainer

Jaqob has always been a very active and sporty person who loves to help people and take on a challenge, from the age of 16 – 18 He unfortunately lost both of his parents which led to a lack of focus in his personal life and led to problems with anxiety. At the age of 19 he decided to really focus on his fitness and channel his issues though his training. This led him to training in powerlifting and competing in his first competition at the age of 20 in 2014. With his issues with anxiety and an injury he suffered he came out of University after his first year and came back to live with his foster parents who are his main support network.

He then decided to compete in his first powerlifting competition to challenge himself, which clearly went well as he was later was emailed by Team GB GPC Powerlifting to say he had qualified to compete in the Juniors 100kg category at the World Championships in Czech Republic.

Shortly after this he attempted the world record deadlift which was 328kg which unfortunately he just missed on the day as he “ran out of steam”, however he then started to think he could channel his passion into his own business.

Speaking to his job centre advisor, he discussed the option of self-employment as a personal fitness trainer. He was then referred to Blue Orchid under the New Enterprise Allowance Programme to receive business advice and support to help him make his self-employment dream a reality.

Jaqob says:

“I have never had experience of starting my own business, it was just a dream I had and a passion that the NEA made come true. The support I had from my business advisor was excellent she was always so positive and personal with me.   I felt extremely comfortable asking questions and discussing issues and worries that I had.”

Jaqob goes on to say:

“The seminars put on were excellent I especially got a lot from the marketing and money management ones that were put on. The locations were also great.” “I feel now with help from the NEA I am in the perfect position to let my business flourish with the skills and confidence I have gained from the help they have offered me throughout. “

“Business is going well and I focus on one to one training with my clients and nutritional support and training programmes and one to one support to help them achieve their personal and fitness goals.”